SOLVED : Get SQL queries useb by Fabrik in my lists (to use it on views)


Re-hi !

I would like to retrieve the SQl queries used in some of my lists.

This to create views in databases, then lists from these views, to display statistics...

But I can not, even with the Joomla debug console. :oops:

I tested myself to create the corresponding SQL queries, but I have always slightly different results (I have a lot of where clauses, "group by", sometimes "union select"...).

Can you help me ? :p

Use Fabrik debug mode, by enabling debug in the global config (button top right of any main backend page), and then appending &fabrikdebug=1 to your list's URL. Then click on the 'getData' entry in the debug data.

Note that you may find that some instances of J! tables still have the prefix as #__, like #__users, you'll need to replace that with your db prefix.

-- hugh