syntax for using AND in where clause


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I have the following where clause but it seems not to be working.

->where('projects.project_name = ' . $myDb->quote('{overlapping___project_1}') AND 'activities.activity_name = ' . $myDb->quote('{overlapping___activity}'));

Does anyone knows the proper syntact for using AND in where clause?
I have a list with one dropdown element, one condional dropdown element and in the third element calc I am trying to display data based on selecitons in the first two fields.

If I remove the AND in the where clause third element works with only one selected option.

Thanks everyone.
I guess you have to ask before you figure it out by yourself :).
Solution was just use double where clause
->where('projects.project_name = ' . $myDb->quote('{overlapping___project_1}') )
->where('activities.activity_name = ' . $myDb->quote('{overlapping___activity}'));
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Thank you.

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