Tooptip disappears between rows in textarea element


i have a listview with an textarea element. The text inside this element has multiple rows, because its quite long (in the case of the picture: 3 rows). If i add a tooltip to this element, then the tooltip only appears, when i move the mouse exactly over the text. The tooltip disappears, when the mouse is between the text rows or at the end of a row like on the picture at the red arrow. What can i do if i want to see the tooltip as soon as I am inside the whole (grey) area of this one element?

Many thanks in advance ...
Which exact Joomla and Fabrik version?
Frontend or backend?
Which Joomla template?

It's working on my site.
Thank you
As you can see on the picture, its on the frontend.
Its Joomla! 5.0.1 Stable [ Kuboresha ] with Fabrik 4.0Zeta on default template - fresh install.
Its also on Joomla! 5.0.2 updated from above.
Its also on Joomla! 3.10.9 Stable [ Daraja ] and Fabrik 3.1 and protostar default template.

Here is a video what i mean:

What version do you use? Do you have any CSS on the element?
Replicatable with J!5 (please mention J!5 in your threads, focus of F4 is still on J!4).
It's not only with textarea but with with field (probably with all element types).

Quick workaround (not sure if this will affect something else):
Add custom list CSS
span.fabrikTip {display: block!important;}
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More details.

Thank you.

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