• Hello Fabrik Community

    Fabrik is now in the hands of the development team that brought you Fabrik for Joomla 4. We have recently transitioned the Fabrik site over to a new server and are busy trying to clean it up. We have upgraded the site to Joomla 4 and are running the latest version of Fabrik 4. We have also upgraded the Xenforo forum software to the latest version. Many of the widgets you might have been used to on the forum are no longer operational, many abandoned by the developers. We hope to bring back some of the important ones as we have time.

    Exciting times to be sure.

    The Fabrik 4.0 Official release is now available. In addition, the Fabrik codebase is now available in a public repository. See the notices about these in the announcements section

    We wish to shout out a very big Thank You to all of you who have made donations. They have really helped. But we can always use more...wink..wink..

    Also a big Thank You to those of you who have been assisting others in the forum. This takes a very big burden off of us as we work on bugs, the website and the future of Fabrik.

Contribute Code

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  • There are two Options available for making contributions to Fabrik in the form of code submissions, bug fixes and language files:
    • Create your contribution on your own system and send the updated files to the developers via the forums.
    • Use GitHub and submit a 'Pull Request'
    There is quite a steep learning curve to using GitHub (and the associated Git tool) so if your contributions are likely to be few and infrequent, you are probably better off submitting them via the forums (or with the help of another user who does use GitHub).

    Submitting via the Forums​

    Before you start to make any changes to any files, please update your Fabrik Installation from GitHub by following the instructions here. (If you use an old version of Fabrik, then the changes you need might already have been included, or there may have been other conflicting changes made to the code.) You will not need to create a GitHub account or go through the GitHub learning curve to update your site from GitHub - this is only necessary if you want to submit your contributions through GitHub.

    You may also want to ask questions in the forums before you start development, both to check that there is not already a way to achieve what you want without making changes to fabrik code, and to get advice on the best way to make the changes that you want.

    Then make your changes to your own site as needed, and do as much testing as you can to make sure both your new enhanced functionality works and existing functionality continues to work as it did before.

    Then create a new thread in the forum for the version of Fabrik you are using, and attach your changed files and possibly some screen shots if these will help others understand what new functionality you are providing or what issues you have fixed. Ideally the subject line of this thread will be in the following format to identify it as a contribution:
    [Contrib] Description of what it does

    Using GitHub​

    If you are going to provide regular code contributions to Fabrik then, despite the learning curve, we do recommend that you configure and learn to use GitHub. To help you with this, we have created a separate wiki entry here.