Getting started

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  • Please take your time to read through each of these links, they will greatly help you understand some of the principals behind Fabrik

    Getting Started, Example List​

    After Fabrik Installation you can
    Create your first list

    Add a label, "Save"

    Add a Content type (a sample of predefined Elements), "Save &Close"

    That's it, your first list with Fabrik default settings.

    Fabrik has created
    • a database table `list_one` with columns `id` and `date_time`
    • a Fabrik form
    • a Fabrik group
    • two Fabrik Elements
    Set list access levels
    List and record access are defined by Joomla Access levels, default list access is
    Public: view list, view records, add records, edit records
    Registered: delete records
    Spezial: empty (= truncate the list)

    You can set the access levels as you need in your list "Access" .
    Add more Elements

    • Add a Label
    • Fabrik will create the Name (= database column name) from the label automatically, you can change it
    • Select a Plug-in (the type of your element)
    • Select a Group the element should belong to
    • In List view settings set "Show in list"=YES
    • Save&Close
    Add/modify data
    In Fabrik Lists click "View Data" and add some records.
    Existing records can be modified by clicking the pencil icon.

    Frontend Access
    Create a Joomla menu item type "Fabrik list"

    Learn about modifying the default list/form/group/element settings
    Open the list/form/group/element form by clicking on the name (or open a new one).
    • Open all tabs, Options etc to see the possibilities
    • Mouse-hover all labels, most of them will show additional informations
    • Use the "Help" buttons which will link you to the WIKI
    • Poke around the WIKI to detect additional list/form/element/Validation/visualization/scheduled task/content plugins, for custom output design, for adding custom php and JS code, fine tuned data access, Fabrik Options, youtube videos etc.

    Additional Help​

    Whist this document covers the functionality of each part of Fabrik we also have additional learning material, details of which are listed below:

    A comprehensive series of tutorials can be found here:

    And finally of course we have our forums:

    To get the best response please post in the most appropriate board for your subscription level and please provide as much information as possible about what you are doing.

    We LIKE screenshots we LOVE links to the pages in question and we will practically MARRY YOU if you attach a video!