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Feb 27, 1963 (Age: 51)
Huntsville, AL
Whatever pays the bills.

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    1. mhas16
    2. stekir
      Hello cheesegrits,

      I've renewed my subscription. Just like the last time I still have "(You have insufficient privileges to post here.)"
      But I've renewed my subscription because I have a problem/question and want to post it in the forum. Ok, I also renewed it because fabrikar is worth every cent... ;-)

      I'm sure you will bring some light in this case.
      Kind regards
    3. erick_iss
      Hello cheesegrits, I'm trying to send an email to email addresses contained in a repeated group, I'm willing to pay for that. Do yo think you can help me out please. This is the site:

      Thank you! send me an email to or to
    4. novacreative
      Is there a way I can PM you with the URL and logon to check out the rating element problem on my site?
      1. erick_iss likes this.
    5. IamJim
      Hugh? Going on 5 hours after my subscription please? (You have insufficient privileges to post here.)
    6. heero

      I have e php code in form plugin generating pdf file from HTML. Its working great. But if i use exactly the same code as php function its not working.

      Here is my script that calls function.
      require_once JPATH_ROOT . '/plugins/fabrik_form/php/scripts/timotech.php';


      Cant figure out what is wrong.

    7. heero
      Fabrik lost all custom php scodes!!! Yesterday I did fabrik form php coding. I hade there 7-8 codes and working on 9th. Suddenly all scripts were gone. Didn't press any delete button. Is there a way to recover it? Where fabrik stores form php codes? My 2 month work is there.
      1. heero
        I found that code data is actually in SQL database, but fabrik dose not show it.
        Jul 29, 2013
    8. mohit007
      i am very new to fabrik,,could you please help me to sort out a problem
    9. mohit007
      hi cheesegrits
    10. saurav
      can you help about inlinetext. Actually problem is that inlinetext is works first time perfectly but after another time when i am trying to change that case refreshing a whole page. Actually it's working via ajax hit. So plz help me that what i have to do.

    11. blue-mouse
      Hi hugh,
      Can you help me today with CC-15 topic in fabrik?
    12. gapper
      Hi, I would buid a form with a box including categories in order to send the entered data in the table concerning the selected category. Hence each category shows a table and the data entered into the form should be sent to the selected category. How can i proceed?
    13. pranavb
      Hey, could you please let me know how to run a cron job on a table once a week to send out just one email instead of one email per record of the table.

    14. panca
    15. cypherinfo
      thank you for your interest. I wonder if the functions requested for the project: (the ones for which coding is required) may be done by some of the Fabrik developer team; if yes where and which are the terms?
      Thank you.
    16. Saumier
      Hi Cheese- thanks again for your help. I never reinstalled Skype after my PC crashed several months ago, installed it this morning, so I'm kind of using this as a test. This is Saumier. It looks to me like I don't have a good statement to read the date. The page is at and then the Check Date menu item. I have played with firebug, but not a whole lot of success so far. I'm still learning. I will also post a reply to that thread.
      Thanks again, Ed
    17. oreolana
    18. kenyonjohnston
      Hey cheesegrits, do you have any idea why the text tip option is not working on my form? I see the "question" mark image displayed, but no "hover text".

      What SHOULD the parameters be in the admin for an element?

      Is it my template? I'm using "LightBreeze-Yellow HM01J" by Hurricane Media.
      Is javascript conflicts a possibilty?

      I have a fabrik form popping up within an ARI Sexy Lightbox module, which works great, at first I thought that it may be a jquery conflict with the lightbox, but I also tested it without the lightbox, still stuck.

    19. Bourboulias
      Hi Cheesegrits!
      I would like to inform me if you know how can i change the options of checkboxes...
      I want that...
      when one user select the first option of the checkbox, then shows a field to put something and exactly the same when he/she selects the second option...
      Could you help me,please???

      I believe that you can do it with javascript option but the problem is that i don't understand it....
      Thank you very much for your time!!!
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    Feb 27, 1963 (Age: 51)
    Huntsville, AL
    Whatever pays the bills.
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