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  • buenas tardes , tengo un problema con el plugin de fabrik para cb 2.0, en la inatalcion me muestra error por eso no me muestra las tablas y menos por usuario me sale error 0, ?que hago ? gracias
    Hi, can't pay for subscription because my account activated:
    Login error! You have not activated your account.
    But somehow I can log into forum and write post...any suggestion how to buy it?
    I didn't get any confirmation mail from fabrik forum.
    I'm looking to hire a developer to recreate a Logos Query Manager (also called LFRM Query Manager) job in Fabrik on Joomla 3.5. Are you interested and available? If so, I can send more info and link to a copy of the site. If not, can you recommend someone?
    Hi, cheesegrits.

    I am F.schettino.
    Starting from some minutes, we have a standard subscription as R.IN.G.O Lavoro Over 40, the work-group involved in developing the new site.

    Starting from now, I/we would post in the appropriate section of the forum.
    But now I cannot; is it too early?
    I've checked the settings on our end, you should be able to post in Standard. Try logging out and back in.
    R.IN.G.O Lavoro Over 40
    R.IN.G.O Lavoro Over 40
    OK, now I can post.
    Thank you, cheesegrits.
    I am working on a few changes to some Fabrik files that will improve the RTL compatibility.

    Nothing big, just a few - "float:" . ( $lang->isRTL() ? 'right' : 'left' ) - additions in the necessary places for my project.

    Would it be possible to suggest the changes somewhere other than GitHub?
    I am not familiar with Commits and Pull Requests.

    Hello cheesegrits, I'm back again, and like every time I have "insufficient privileges to reply here. " due I my Payment is verified. I also asked Rob about this. ;-(
    I have a fex issues to be cleared. So it would be nice to get an entrance to the pro support forum.

    Regards and all the best for your neck
    Hello cheesegrits,

    I've renewed my subscription. Just like the last time I still have "(You have insufficient privileges to post here.)"
    But I've renewed my subscription because I have a problem/question and want to post it in the forum. Ok, I also renewed it because fabrikar is worth every cent... ;-)

    I'm sure you will bring some light in this case.
    Kind regards
    Hello cheesegrits, I'm trying to send an email to email addresses contained in a repeated group, I'm willing to pay for that. Do yo think you can help me out please. This is the site:

    Thank you! send me an email to or to
    Hugh? Going on 5 hours after my subscription please? (You have insufficient privileges to post here.)

    I have e php code in form plugin generating pdf file from HTML. Its working great. But if i use exactly the same code as php function its not working.

    Here is my script that calls function.
    require_once JPATH_ROOT . '/plugins/fabrik_form/php/scripts/timotech.php';


    Cant figure out what is wrong.

    Fabrik lost all custom php scodes!!! Yesterday I did fabrik form php coding. I hade there 7-8 codes and working on 9th. Suddenly all scripts were gone. Didn't press any delete button. Is there a way to recover it? Where fabrik stores form php codes? My 2 month work is there.
    I found that code data is actually in SQL database, but fabrik dose not show it.
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