1. If you update to Joomla 3.8.10, please make sure that you either do a full GitHub update of Fabrik, or disable caching for your lists (in the Advanced settings) or turn off Joomla's System Cache setting. A change in Joomla's cache code in 3.8.10 required a fix in Fabrik, which will be rolled in to the next release, but is currently only available in GitHub.
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Aug 15, 2018 at 10:48 PM
Aug 11, 2007
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Feb 27, 1963 (Age: 55)
Huntsville, AL
Whatever pays the bills.

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Support Gopher, 55, from Huntsville, AL

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Aug 15, 2018 at 10:48 PM
    1. yorgil
      I have bought Bronze Subscription. I received mail from fabrikar and from Paypal, confirming my pay, but it seems my subscription isnt active. I cant download any subscription-required resources (documentation for example) and im not allowed to post at Bronze Supporter forum. Can itbe fixed, or tell me, please what i do wrong.

    2. yorgil
      Can i ask you about bronze subscription?
    3. recomp
      happy birthday!!
    4. jeanl
      Hi Hugh. I think there is a problem with your website.
    5. mwind454
      Do you happen to know if the Calc Element Pugin is available for V3?
    6. anfjst
      This is an annoying thing: I have a pending subscription made Tuesday. Have already confirmation of paypal processing from rob@pollen-8.co.uk. Yesterday I tried every now and then to get access to subscription downloads. So what takes so much time to open up the gate?
      I see reading subseqent messages that this happens obviously more often in your proceedings. Nowadays customers get immediate access to a product, software or anything else as soon as paypal transfer is processed.

      Do you have your messages on radar? (4 p.m.)
    7. prasadsilva
      can u do me a quick help ?
    8. PattiH
      Hugh, I'm the one that had the old version of JCE and nothing would save in Fabrik. Last night I did install a new version of JCE and everything works perfectly. Thanks! (posting here since the thread is closed)
    9. ronsmart
      Hello Hugh,
      I have a couple projects I need to get finished up and was wondering if you had time to work on them if you do this sort of thing. If so let me know.

      Thank you

    10. mjp1
      Hi Hugh,
      This is Mike from Free Spades Poker, we talked about 1 1/2 years ago about a project for my web site. You helped but Tom Spierckel (peamak) did most of the work. I am having trouble getting ahold of him, we are having a major issue with our fabrik program and I need some help ASAP!
      Do you know why I'm not able to find him? Is there any way you can help?

    11. rsingh
      Hello, any luck sorting out my subscription. I really need to get the plugins, its the reason I paid the subscription. some of the plugin boxes still show subscribe! Can you let me when this will be sorted, otherwise I'll just get a refund.

    12. Linus54
      Hi hugh,

      I am new with fabrik but I as far as I can see it gives big opportunities to develop advanced Joomla sites. I got a problem with calendar visualization while it all works with a menu item: Fabrik>Table where I see all the event's details when I try to link the calendar with Fabrik>visualization I get a calendar page without any event and all days show "NaN".
      Can you please help me ?

    13. nickbunyan
      Hi Hugh. Updated thread 20601 which (A) solves my screen layout problem, and (B) identifies a missing <td width> statement line 609 in table.php.
    14. nirav90
      Hi hugh,
      When I set usertype field I get this error msg.

      "Attempting to set usertype above allowed level!"

      I set value in dropdown 18,19 ..but still got this msg..
    15. nirav90
    16. pdenessen
      Hi Hugh, Long time ago.
      You helped me 2 years ago with a form and added a javascript file to automatilcy fill in an arrival and departure date based on a previous selected choice. Now I upgraded to 2.0.3 and this function is not working anymore.
      The javascript tab in the element form is empty.
    17. steemer473
      Hello cheesegrits, do you have a minute to help me? I posted 2 related forum posts but haven't gotten a response back yet and I really need help with using php to prepopulate forms; I believe I am having formatting issues with my Where statement of my sql string; Having the same formatting issues with trying to get the count of a queried set of records as well.
    18. roll82
      hey, could you please help with with my massive problem in the forum. no more forms want to save in the database. even if i create a new database and form.. Store row failed: INSERT INTO
    19. esotericvision
      hey, i put in a support message earlier but you guys passed on it... twice. i'm still relatively new to joomla and such. did i do something wrong? stupid question? poor form?
    20. Wakashimazu
      Hello, i am intrested on paying the subscription, but i want to know about the manuals, how detailed are them? they explain all the options that you have when you create an element for example, and those kind of things?

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    Feb 27, 1963 (Age: 55)
    Huntsville, AL
    Whatever pays the bills.
    Big, fat, hairy Brit.

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