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Detail form ID change with record id why_?

Discussion in 'Community' started by jmoises, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. jmoises

    jmoises Member

    Level: Community
    Hello, i just made a javascript function add it to the details_X.js then upload to /components/com_fabrik/js

    i am using this to get the value i need:

    var v =Fabrik.getBlock('details_10_1').formElements.get('sy2j8_vir_tutores___id').getValue();

    i notice in the source code that details_10_1 is the main div block, i test my function and works ok! but when i try in other record my surprise was this not work becasue the _10_1 (the 1) is the record id, then my javascript dont work, i look in all the sorce code of the detail and there is no block details_10 only so what can i do?

    i notice this post also but again the detail_X javascript will not work to other people using this.

    thanks for any update
  2. troester

    troester Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Level: Community
  3. jmoises

    jmoises Member

    Level: Community
    Thank for the answer troester,

    reading this i understand that i can change:

    var blockRef = 'details_8';
    and because var exact = false; it also read details_8_1 is this correct?

    Code (Text):
    * Ensure that Fabrik's loaded

    requirejs(['fab/fabrik'], function (Fabrik) {

      // The block you want to use
      var blockRef = 'form_8';

      // Should we use an exact match for the blockRef?
      var exact = false;

      var form = Fabrik.getBlock(blockRef, exact, function (block) {

        // This callback function is run once the block has been loaded.
        // The variable 'block' refers to Fabirk.blocks object that controls the form.
        var v = block.elements.get('tablename___elementname').get('value');

        // If your element is in a repeat group its name is prefixed with _0, _1, _2 etc - to get all element values in an array....
        var values = [];
        Object.each(block.elements, function (element, key) {
              if (key.contains('tablename___elementname')) {
    but then again in my previus details_x.js file i only use a function() something like this:

    ....my code.....

    where can i insert the myfunction() in that code from the wiki example? i have try diferents ways but i got and errror that my function was not found it.

    thanks for any help

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