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Fabrik and Page Builder/Template Framework

Discussion in 'Standard Support' started by marcelf, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. marcelf

    marcelf Member

    Level: Community
    Hi all,

    Im doing a hub portal with multiple joomla subsites (using MightSites) and I want to use different templates for each subsite. So I decide buy a page builder plus templates. I found these bellow.

    My doubt: Anyone already have experience with any of these packages? Does anybody know if it is compatible or not with fabrik ?

    unlimited sites $89
    templates 200
    page components 120

    unlimited sites $89
    templates 30
    page components 160

    SP Page Builder
    https://www.joomshaper.com/joomla-templates /helixultimate
    unlimited sites $299
    1 site $59
    templates 108
    page components 50

    1 site $25
    templates 0
    page components 45

    unlimited sites per year $299
    templates 50
    page components 20

    1 site $39
    templates 70
    page components 50

    Blox Builder
    http://blox-builder.com ++++
    1 site $39
    templates 108
    page components 700

  2. kimbare

    kimbare Kim

    Level: Community
    I have tried JSN, SP Pagebuilder, JA, and Gridbox page builders. Had major issues with all of them after installing Fabrik and had to take them off from my websites and my client's websites. (Some of them also don't work well with other extensions, but that's another issue). I currently use Quix on all of my websites but Fabrik modules don't work in them. And I have issues if I use Quix on pages that also have Fabrik modules assigned to module positions on the same page. However, as long as I don't use fabrik modules in Quix pages and don't use both quix and Fabrik items on the same page I don't appear to have any issues - that I know of. For Fabrik related items if I use Quix on the websites I have to use fabrik lists, forms, etc in the menu items and then them seem to work OK. Or they did until my latest issues, and who knows if there is a conflict with Quix - I can't seem to get any help from Fabrik on my posts 12 plus days ago.
  3. marcelf

    marcelf Member

    Level: Community
    Hi Kimbare, thank you for your reply,

    I will explain better: the page builder shouldnt change or impact anything in the /administrator area.

    My need is to know if on the frontend, if I put a fabrik list in the menu, it will show in the content block of template ?
    Which page block ou element should be used?

    The ideal world is if I could use a page element, like a gallery or caroseul, and these element get the content from a list created in the administrator. In that case Id like to use fabrik to organize the content and display it on the frontend in several ways, to compose a page, with a list in the center, header and footer using others page elements. But I think to do this will be necessary develop a connector between fabrik and page builder.

    If anyone has an experience ou suggestion about this I'll be glad to hear.

  4. kimbare

    kimbare Kim

    Level: Community
    I wasn't talking about the backend impacts of the page builders, I was talking about what is displayed on the front end.

    The Page builders I mentioned do not work well with Fabrik - if at all. If I used Fabrik lists or modules anywhere in a website using any of them but Quix, the Fabrik lists and modules don't appear at all and they do not work correctly. Even with Quix I cannot put them in a Quix page and have them appear on the front end correctly. And I'm not just talking about the layout, I'm talking about functionality.

    With Gantry framework and themes from Rockettheme and with t3 framework and JoomlaArt themes, that means the menu type has to be a Fabrik item, not a Quix page. I can then use Quix on the rest of the website and have it work correctly.

    There are more threads on these forums where Hugh and others talk about page builders and the issues associated with using them with Fabrik.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2018
  5. cheesegrits

    cheesegrits Support Gopher Staff Member

    Level: Community
    I've never heard of Quix, so can't offer any advice on that. I do know we have issues with SP Page Builder and Fabrik modules, due to the way SP modifes the J! behavior with regards to module rendering.

    We mostly target Fabrik at Helix III, Gantry (4 and working on 5) and Joomlart. Those are the three templating systems I typically test against. Doesn't mean Fabrik won't work with others, just that you are liable to come across issues that need tweaks to custom layouts. Note that to run any Bootstrap 3 or 4 based templates, you need to install the bs3 layouts (see the Fabrik github). I'm working on a set of BS v4 layouts (which will be necessary for J! 4.x), but the existing v3 ones pretty much work.

    -- hugh

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