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Google Cal Sync scheduled task

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  • Introduction​

    This scheduled task plugin will synchronize events between the list designated in the plugin's general settings and a Google calendar specified by the URL you supply in the 'Google URL' field.

    Note, as the screen shot below show, you need to install the latest version of the ZendGdata PHP library from http://framework.zend.com/download/gdata for this plugin to work.



    • Google URL - Full URL for XML version of the Google Calendar feed you want to import. This is found by going to the Calendar Settings on the Google page for that calendar, on the XML option for either Calendar Address (will only show public events) or Private Address (will show all events).
    • Sync direction-
      • From GCal - Sync Google calendar events to the Fabrik list
      • To GCal - Syncs events from the Fabrik list to the Google calendar. - Requires you to supply GCal Login and password.
      • Both - Syncs both ways. - Requires you to supply GCal Login and password.
    • GCal Login - If you selected Yes to Sync to GCal, you need to provide the login details for the calendar.
    • GCal Password - If you selected Yes to Sync to GCal, you need to provide the login details for the calendar.
    • Start Date - Element used for event Start Date / Time.
    • End Date - Element used for event End Date / Time.
    • Label - Element used for event Label (title).
    • Description - Element used for event description. This setting is OPTIONAL.
    • User ID - This setting is OPTIONAL. If set, the GCal owner email will be matched against your Joomla user table, and if a match is found, the (first) matching user ID will be written to this element (as if they had submitted it directly).
    • Google ID - Element used for event Google ID. Usually a hidden element, used ONLY by this plugin, to store the unique ID for each Google event. Needs to be a text element (VARCHAR column) of at least 64 characters. If you are using the default 'event' table that comes with Fabrik, you may need to add this element (usually called GCal_id), depending on what version you originally installed.