Import csv scheduled task

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  • Introduction​

    This plugin will check a designated folder for CSV files. If found those files will then be imported into their corresponding Fabrik list.



    • Directory - Directory on server containing file(s) to be imported. MUST be relative to the 'media' folder in your Joomla root (so if your files are in /var/www/joomla/media/mystuff/import, put mystuff/import here). Your directory may contain subfolders, the plugin will recursiveley find all CSV files. Only files with .csv or .CSV extensions will be processed
    • Use file as list name -
      • Yes - the filename(s) in the specified folder (minus the .csv extension) will be used as the Lists name(s) to import to, and the List selected in the main cron task settings will be ignored.
      • No - any files found in the specified folder will be imported to the List selected in the main plugin settings.
    • Max # files - The maximum number of CSV files to process
    • Field Delimiter - Delimiter between field, us "\t" for tab delimiters
    • Text Delimiter - Delimiter surround text fields
    • Drop List Data - If set to Yes, existing list data will be dropped prior to import.
    • Overwrite List Data - If set to No, imported data will be added as new rows, and PK values (if specified) are ignored. If set to Yes, you MUST include data for the table's Primary Key, and for each imported row the plugin will test if there is an existing row with a matching PK value, and either update the existing row or add a new row accordingly (NOTE that non-matching PK values in the imported data will be ignored if your table uses an auto-incrementing PK).
    • After Import - What to do with the file(s) after importing.
      • Rename- a UNIX style timestamp will be appended to the filename.
      • Move to 'done' - moves the file to a folder called 'done' You must have a folder called 'done' at the same level as the file in your directory structure.