Improve the Wiki

Oct 11, 2013
Improve the Wiki
  • As you will no doubt have found out for yourself, having good quality documentation can avoid a great deal of trial-and-error experimentation.

    This Wiki is the source of documentation for Fabrik and any help you can give to improve this valuable resource still further would be gratefully appreciated.

    So, thanks in advance for your time and effort and hard-won knowledge in any contributions you make to improving our wiki.

    Things you can do to help (top)

    Write missing Wiki entries (top)

    At present we have a number of pages which are stubs i.e. do not yet contain any real information. If these are functions that you have used already, or if you feel like creating an example table and learning what you need to know to write the Wiki entry, that would be very helpful.

    Improve existing Wiki pages (top)

    If you are reading the Wiki and spot an error or text which is difficult to understand, please feel free to edit the page and improve it.

    Broken Links (top)

    If you find a broken link to another wiki page, you can correct it by finding the correct page here, and correcting the link by editing the page, highlighting the link text, clicking the Link icon and replacing the URL with the correct one.

    Add your own examples (top)

    Fabrik has a broad range of plug-ins, and much of what can be achieved with Fabrik is limited only by your own inventiveness. So, if you feel that you have done something clever with Fabrik that could be useful to other people, please add it to the end of the appropriate wiki entry as an Example.

    Adding Images(top)

    To add an image to the wiki, don't use the "Insert Image" button at the top of the editor, which only allows for external URL's to images. Instead, use the "Upload a File" button under the editor, and then insert the image(s) either as thumbnails or inline (depending on size, your cal), as per this video:

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