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  • Fabrik supplies several Front- and Back-End modules which allow you to display Fabrik functionality as part of a wider Joomla page.

    Front-End Modules​

    Back-End Modules​

    Quick Icons​
    The Fabrik Quick Icons administrator module allows you to insert links to the Fabrik Admin pages either in the main Joomla Control Panel or as a menu at the top of all Admin pages.

    Once you have installed this module, go to Module Manager, click New and choose one of the following two Options:

    Menu on all Admin pages​
    Module/Name: Fabrik Menu
    Module/Position: Menu
    Advanced/Alternative Layout: Menu

    Note: Make sure you select Alternative Layout=Menu before you save otherwise you will get the Fabrik links obscuring half your screen and may have difficulties in opening the Module to change it again.

    Links on Joomla's Admin control panel​
    Module/Name: Fabrik
    Module/Position: cPanel
    Advanced/Alternative Layout: default

    There are probably other ways you could use this, but the above two show both the ways it can be used.

    If you want to limit display of the icons to some Admin users and not others you will need to set permissions as well.