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  • The search plug-in extends Joomla's standard search capabilities to enable your users to search through your Fabrik list's data.

    Note that the access restrictions that you apply to the Fabrik list will also be applied to the search results.

    The edit plug-in page has the following Options:
    • Search limit - the maximum number of records to return in a search
    • Section heading - the label that is used to describe the search results.

    Setting up lists to be included in search results​


    In addition you should be aware that you can exclude list data from the search results by editing the desired list and in the "publishing -> Joomla search" section selecting "no" for the "Include in search results" option.

    This section also lets you define what data should be shown for the search results title and description, and finally if an the search results should link to the form or details view.

    As you may have noticed in the above screenshot the search plugin will only search on those fields specified in the details->filters section:


    If no Elements are selected here NO results will be found for this list when the search all plugin runs.

    Joomla 4/5 remarks:

    As Joomla 4 does only include smart search / finder and Fabrik doesn't have a finder plugin, it is not possible to include Fabriks content in site searches with the search plugin.


    If you want to include Fabrik content in site searches, you need to enable the old search component and use it for site searches.
    Install the zip-package from here
    If you upgrade from J4 to J5 you will be asked during the upgrade to uninstall all (old) search related stuff. Don't uninstall. Just disable and enable again after the upgrade