• Hello Fabrik Community

    Fabrik is now in the hands of the development team that brought you Fabrik for Joomla 4. We have recently transitioned the Fabrik site over to a new server and are busy trying to clean it up. We have upgraded the site to Joomla 4 and are running the latest version of Fabrik 4. We have also upgraded the Xenforo forum software to the latest version. Many of the widgets you might have been used to on the forum are no longer operational, many abandoned by the developers. We hope to bring back some of the important ones as we have time.

    Exciting times to be sure.

    The Fabrik 4.0 Official release is now available. In addition, the Fabrik codebase is now available in a public repository. See the notices about these in the announcements section

    We wish to shout out a very big Thank You to all of you who have made donations. They have really helped. But we can always use more...wink..wink..

    Also a big Thank You to those of you who have been assisting others in the forum. This takes a very big burden off of us as we work on bugs, the website and the future of Fabrik.

Uninstalling Fabrik

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  • Uninstalling Fabrik will wipe ALL your Fabrik data, i.e all Fabrik system tables for Lists, Forms, Elements etc., all Fabrik files, custom code, plugin scripts, plugin templates, all comments, ratings, thumbs etc.

    It will keep data tables created or used by Fabrik because these tables may be used by other components or external code.
    If you want to remove them you can delete the Lists (trash and empty trash including "Drop database table") before uninstalling Fabrik or delete them manually afterwards.

    It will keep override files you may have added to your J! template.

    Don't uninstall for updating or upgrading.

    Before uninstalling disable the Fabrik System plugin.
    • Go to Extentions/Manager
    • Search for "Fabrik"
    • Select to show "All" rows
    • Disable "System - Fabrik" (the last plugin)
    • Select all Fabrik plugins and "Uninstall"