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Discussion in 'Fabrik 3.x Testing' started by felixkat, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. felixkat Senior Member

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    We have a DEMO server at This server has recently been built with Fabrik 3.x.

    It is very much work in progress but the aim is to cover an example of all elements and some basic applications.

    Please add your suggestions on what you would like to see. We can't promise to cover all examples but it's nice to get an idea of what people are looking for.

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  2. vermadilip New Member

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  3. felixkat Senior Member

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    Yes that's a good example, I'll work on that this weekend.

    There isn't a login available for the Demo server as it's to demonstrate the frontend. Previously there was access to the backend but as you can imagine there was a lot of abuse!

    My intention is to provide screenshots of all demos to explain how they are put together. This will happen soon, I've just been quite bust the last few weeks. :)
  4. rw1 Moderator

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    a form with all element plugin types on it!
  5. felixkat Senior Member

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  6. rackem Well-Known Member

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    First of all, thank you for putting this together felixkat! Fabrik's power is in its abstractness however that can turn people off as well. This demos are really helpful for seeing examples and getting ideas of different ways it can be used.

    Can you add some examples of visualizations? In particular, I would like to see chart examples. Also, the tag module might be neat to showcase as well.
  7. juicyfruit Member

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    I would love to see a business directory like sobi2 created using fabrik 3. Then we could save it as a package and then improve on it as a community.

    Features like:
    - radius search
    - google maps
    - search.

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  8. davedabrave New Member

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    Radius Search

    Yes, a decent adress table with maps and radius search would be perfect. I had no luck with the radius-search plugin in 3.0 on Joomla 1.7. I think JavaScript editing is needed for this plugin.
  9. BlackForce New Member

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    would be nice to have some step by step guide to achieve what the demo server shows, or even better some demo package that could be downloaded and installed so we could see the mechanics behind it
  10. cheesegrits Support Gopher

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    As soon as we get Packages fully functional, that's the plan.

    We're also putting together Team Wiki, being trail blazed by user rw1, and intend to make some dramatic improvements to the Wiki / Demo server docs. I think the plan is to link each demo to a Wiki article showing how it is set up.

    And of course, we encourage anyone who wants to help to join in. I've pointed rw1 at this thread.

    -- hugh
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  11. ramonsodoma New Member

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    Hello Fabrik Team,

    I would like to see an example of dynamic select fields, to be used to search and display content, like SEBLOD has.
  12. felixkat Senior Member

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  13. rw1 Moderator

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    woo hoo! that's exactly the solution i was looking for for a current issue. thanks very much! is there an accompanying 'how to set this up' or installable package? (i dont think packages are set up yet are they?) thanks!
  14. troester Well-Known Member

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    Hi felixkat
    from where did you pull the Swiss cities?
    Very interesting selection ;D
  15. felixkat Senior Member

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  16. felixkat Senior Member

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  17. rw1 Moderator

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    would you mind posting a screenshot of your cdd settings beneath the demo? a schema diagram would be really cool too! haha :)

    i'm still trying to understand the relationship between all the parts, mainly:

    Table: (this is the table that contains the values you want displayed)
    Id: (is this the column values that will be displayed in the cdd?)
    Label: (is this the corresponding labels that will be displayed in the cdd?)

    Watch element: (should this be the same selection as 'Id'?)
    Foreign key: (should this be the database join that contains the same values as defined in 'watch element'?)
  18. felixkat Senior Member

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    I'll send you some screenshots. :)
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  19. rw1 Moderator

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    thanks mate!
  20. jcuming Member

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    I struggle with the JUser plugin - so a demo of how to build a fabrik registration and login that is extendable to include additional fields and perhaps makes the most of some of the form plugins would be really useful!
    Great work - both this demo and the original package!

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