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Display text element

Jun 15, 2020
Display text element
  • The Display element is used to display (normally) fixed text and is not related to a field in the database. It simply displays the element label without any associated input field.

    Settings (top)


    Tip: If you need HTML formatted text here then go to tables -> parameters and select 'yes' for the 'Use WYSIWYG editor for element labels' option.
    Options -> Forms -> WYSIWYG editor for element labels -> Yes
    • Eval - evaluate the default value as a PHP function. Element default examples
    • Default - The default value to populate the element with. If the eval option is selected then this should contain a PHP statement
    • Show label - Should the form show the label as well as the display text
    Caution: If the display field is part of a repeating group, placeholders will not work as expected in evals. The placeholder will return an array with the values of all rows and not just the value of the current row.
    As an alternative the calc element may be used.

    Making the text translatable(top)

    To make text that appears in the Display element translatable:
    • enter your translation string into the DEFAULT box
    • Set EVAL to NO
    • enter your translation string and text into the Joomla language overrides area