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Link element

Feb 21, 2021
Link element
  • Allows user to create a link by specifying its url and label

    Options - default(top)


    • Width -The width of the link field - the value represents the number of characters that can be displayed
    • Default label - the link's default label


    • Default URL - the link's default url.
    • Link target - will the links open up in the same window, the parent window or a new window.
    • Smart link - detects the media type of the link (e.g mp3, video, and if found renders the link using the mediabox plug-in) E.g. to show a Youtube video you would supply the URL as http://www.youtube.com/watch? v = Q5j3DwxEMoc
    • Max length - the URL and Label fields' max length.



    The following options allow you to use the bit.ly URL shortening service. It requires you to have a bit.ly account.

    • Use bit.ly: activate bit.ly URL shortening on the link URLs
    • Login name: Your bit.ly username
    • API Key- Your bit.ly API key
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