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Rating element

Apr 15, 2017
Rating element

  • Introduction(top)

    Renders a 5 Star rating widget.

    Form example (top)


    Options (top)


    • Rating Mode
      • User rating - All users can rate the entry and an average rating is displayed [NOTE: The 'User rating' setting is not designed to work within repeat groups.*]
      • Creator rating - Only the creator can set or edit the rating and this is the value is shown rather than an average.
    • Access Level - Optionally restrict who can rate based on access level
    • No rating option first - should we render the 'no rating' option at the beginning or end of the star list
    • Rate in form - the rating element will always be active in the detailed view - turning this option on will also make it active in the form view
    • Decimals - If showing an average rating, this field specifies the number of decimals to show in the display
    *NOTE: The Rating mode causes data to be stored differently depending on the mode selected.
    User Rating stores the ratings in the #__fabrik_ratings table, indexed by form id, element id and row id (and user id, so each user sees "their" rating when they view the form / list, and can change their own rating)... but no concept of "repeat count". Basically, rating elements in "User Rating" mode are associated with the form, not a group.
    Creator Rating doesn't use the #__fabrik_ratings table, it just stores the rating directly in the repeat group's table, as it's just a "normal" element value, not multiple values that have to be averaged.
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