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Thumbs element

Mar 10, 2014
Thumbs element

  • Front end list view (top)


    Clicking on the thumbs will toggle the registration of your vote

    If the up/down thumbs are coloured (as in the case above) this indicated you have already registered your vote.

    Votes are stored in the database table #__fabrik_thumbs

    Voters can be anonymous or registered.

    Front end form view (top)


    Settings (top)

    • Show down thumb - Can the user down vote the record
    • Rate in form - Users can always rate in the table view and details view, If this option is set to yes then the user can additionally rate in the form
    • No access message - text to show if the user doesn't have the access rights to rate the record.

    Pre-filter on favourites(top)

    You may want to show the user a pre-filtered list of items which they have liked. The easiest way to do this is to create a new menu item, pointing to the Fabrik list which uses the thumbs element. Once saved, re-edit the menu item and in the "Fabrik list options" tab, press the "prefilter" button and add a record as follows:

    • Element: id (the list's primary key)
    • Condition: IN
    • Value: (replace the 8 with the list's form's id)
    Code (Text):

    SELECT row_id FROM `#__fabrik_thumbs` where user_id = '{$my->id}' and formid = 8 and thumb = 'up'
    • Type: query
    • Access: public
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