1. NOTICE: If you are using Fabrik and update to Joomla 3.10, you will need to update to Fabrik 3.10. And, if you are using Fabrik, do not upgrade to Joomla 4, we do not have a supported version ready for release. More information on a release date coming soon. Also, please note that Fabrik 3.10 will not install on any Joomla sites less than 3.8.
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Slideshow visualization

Apr 1, 2020
Slideshow visualization
  • Fabrik Slideshow is based on Slick Carousal Library:

    For customization of Slideshow use Custom Options:

    Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 12.37.16 pm.png

    For eg, if you want to start auto-play of images, add

    {"autoplay": true}

    For showing multiple slides and slide one set
    "slidesPerRow":1, (not sure why, should be default, but...)
    "slidesTo Show":3,
    "slidesToScroll": 1

    To show the navigation arrows create a file custom.css in plugins/fabrik_visualization/slideshow/views/slideshow/tmpl/bootstrap
    and add
    Code (Text):
    .slick-prev:before, .slick-next:before {
        color:red ;
    (the original color is white, so they are invisible)
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