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Fusion Gantt visualization

Aug 21, 2013
Fusion Gantt visualization
  • The Fusion Gantt visualization is used for displaying tasks in a graphical form, and is useful if you want to implement a project management site in Fabrik.

    Options - data(top)

    • Connection - the Fabrik connection containing the list whose data will populate the chart
    • List - the Fabrik list containing the chart data


    This section defines which elements to map to which chart properties.
    • Start date - the task start date
    • End date - the task end date
    • Label - the task label
    • Hover - the task hover text
    • Milestone - an element which stores value of 0 or 1 which defines whether the task is rendered as a milestone
    • Depends on - a database join element which enables the user to define which tasks must be completed before this task can be started.


    You can also group tasks in 'processes', for example a task may belong to a project, in which case you can set the 'process' to be the project element.
    • Process - The element (often a database join element) which groups the tasks together.
    • Heading - The heading to show above the process list.

    Graph attributes(top)

    • Width - graph width in pixels
    • Height - graph height in pixels
    • Template - default will default to bootstrap/default based on your Joomla version
    • Month display type - should months be shown as short strings (e.g. "Jan") or as numeric value.


    Lets say we have a 'tasks' list with the following data:
    With the settings that you can see in the previous screen shots the Gantt chart will appear as follows.
    You can see a working example of this on the demo site:
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