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Download list plugin

Aug 6, 2013
Download list plugin
  • The download plug-in enables you to select a series of rows and download a zip file containing the row's files.


    • Access - Which user level can download the files
    • Button Label - the label for the button that will trigger the downloads
    • Foreign Table - If your download files (typically a File Upload element) are in a related table, enter the tablename here AND provide the Foreign Key. Leave both fields blank if download files are on this list.
    • Foreign Key - If your download files are on another table, enter the (short) element name (i.e. the table column name) for the FK (foreign key, i.e. database join element pointing back to the table this plugin is on). If files are on this table, leave this blank.
    • File Element - If your download files are on this list, enter the full element name (tablename___elementname) of the element containing the file paths (usually a File Upload element). If you are using Foreign Table / Key, just enter the short element name.
    • Resize Width - You can optionally enter a width to resize any images being downloaded. Leave blank if you don't want to resize anything.
    • Resize Height - You can optionally enter a height to resize any images being downloaded. Leave blank if you don't want to resize anything.
    • Image Library - The image library to use to resize the images.
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