1. The 3.8 code for Fabrik is now available on github, in the 'master' branch. If you are familiar with updating Fabrik from github, we would appreciate it if you could test this code on J! 3.8 for us. Once we have some feedback, we'll build a 3.8 release.

Export to CSV without using dialog

Oct 22, 2016
Export to CSV without using dialog

  • Fabrik 3.0 +(top)

    You should use the CSV Fabrik menu item type.

    In addition, starting from Fabrik 3.3.4 you can also use the URL:


    Fabrik 2.0 only:(top)

    If you don't want to show the CSV export dialog then you can achieve a direct export to CSV by adding this into your table template. Templates are found in components/com_fabrik/views/table/tmpl
    <?php $url = "index.php?option=com_fabrik&c=table&view=table&format=csv&tableid={$this->table->id}&task=viewTable";?>
    <span class="csvExportButton custom">
    <a href="javascript:oPackage.blocks.get('table_<?php echo $this->table->id;?>').triggerCSVImport(0, <?php echo $url'?>);">Export as CSV</a>
    You can append variables to the$url value to alter the output of the CSV file. These correspond with the settings located on the export CSV dialog box:
    • incraw=0 or 1
    • incfilters=0 or 1
    • inctabledata=0 or 1
    • inccalcs=0 or 1
    • excel=0 or 1
    By default this will export all of the table's elements. If you want to specify which element's are exported append the following the url:

    Code (Text):
    Note the span's 'custom' class is obligatory, as it stops the default export dialog from opening