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Update Columns list plugin

Nov 19, 2014
Update Columns list plugin
  • This list plug-in allows your users to select multiple rows and update the values in one or two columns.

    Settings (top)

    • Access - Which user group can see the update column buttons
    • Button label - The text for the update column button
    • Button image - Image to use for button. Looks for the file in the image overrides locations
    • Allow user selection - If set to yes then this allows the user to select via a pop up window which elements and values to update
    • Update - If Allow user selection set to no, then you can define a set of element/values which will automatically be used to update records when the plugin button is pressed
    • Update message - Status message after update. You can optionally use %d in your message, first occurrence will be replaced with number of rows updated, second occurrence will be replaced with number of emails sent.
    • Update date - Optional, select the date element to update to the current date
    • Update user - Optional, select the user element to update with the current logged on user's id
    • Email address - Optional, select either a user element, or a simple text element which contains and email address. If selected, the plugin will send a notification email to the email associated with each updated row. The plugin will automatically detect whether you have selected a user element (in which case it will look up the email from jos_users) or a simple element containing the literal email as text.
    • Or email to - alternatively enter an email address here - takes precedence over the 'Email address' option
    • Email subject - Optional, if you selected an Email Address above, you must specify the subject for the notification email. You can use normal {tablename___elementname} placeholders.
    • Email Message - Optional, if you selected an Email Address above, you must specify the message body for the notification email. You can use normal {tablename___elementname} placeholders.
    • Eval - Should the message be evaluated as PHP . If so the 'Email message' should 'return' the message to send.


    The UI when "Allow user selection" is set to yes:
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