Radius Search list plugin

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  • The radius Search plug-in adds a filter to your table, which will enable you to filter records based on their distance from a given search center.



    • Map Element - A Google Map element, which contains the data to be filtered on
    • Units - Should the search be performed in Km's or miles?
    • Max search distance - The maxium distance that the user can select to search within
    • Search label - The filters label
    • Place element - The element to be used as the search center when doing a radius search from a record within the table's data.

    Search options​


    • User's location - Search for records within a radius of the users current location
    • Show place - Search for records within a radius whose center is defined by another entries locations in the list
    • Show coordinates - Search for records within a radius whose center is define by a user specified lat/lon
    • Show geocode field - Search for records within a radius whose center is defined by a geolocated location
    • Geocode as you type - If yes then geocoding occurs as you search, if no, then a button is added to trigger the search

    User Filter​

    The user will see the Radius search as a filter option.


    The search center is selected by the front end user. It can be either:
    • Current location - if your browser or smart phone supports this (ie. in firefox you will be asked if you want to share your current location with the site, or on an iphone your gps position will be used)
    • Place element - The user can search for a record in the table whose map element will then be used as the search center.
    • Coordinates - supply lat/lon coordinates to use as the search center
    • Geocode - enable the user to set the search center with a map marker.


    You could select a Map element 'town' in the settings.

    Then users would be able to type 'Brighton' and get a filtered list of other records within the search distance of Brighton.