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User element

May 27, 2013
User element
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    The user element is a special database join element type, designed specifically for you to store user data in your forms. It always stores the user id in the database table, but may display in the list, form and detailed view pages another parameter associated with the stored users account. Its value defaults to the current logged on user.

    • Hidden- if checked then the element is rendered in the form as a hidden field
    • User Data - if not hidden then the element is rendered as a drop down list, the user data parameter allows you to define what user property is shown as for the drop down lists labels (the user id is always used for the drop down lists values)
    • Update on edit- Should the user value be altered to the current user when the record is being edited. Set to yes if, for example, you are recording the last person to have modified the record. Set to no if, for example, you want to record the person who initially created the record
    • Update on copy - If yes selected then the current users id will be stored when 'save as copy' button is used, so the element will take on the id of the user who copies the form.
    • Label of 'Please select' option - Defaults to the currently language translation of 'Please select'