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Create a link to your form

Jun 25, 2013
Create a link to your form
  • To create a Joomla menu link to your form:

    • Select "Menu->main menu" from the top administration menu.
    • Then press the new button
    • Next select "Fabrik->form"
    • Give your link a name and on the right hand side of the form select the table you want to link to.
    You have some additional options you can edit if so desired:

    • Row id - If the form is set to record in the database then you can specify the record id that will be displayed in the form. Leave blank to open an new form. Enter "-1" to use the user's id.
    • key name - Leave blank unless you know what you are doing! Element name (note short element name and not long) to be used with the Row id value. Defaults to the tables primary key. If row id is set to -1 then this field should contain the name of the field that stores the users ids.
    • This will enable you to create a form where your users can add a new record but can then only ever edit the record they initially created.
    • Show random records - If set to yes then a random record from the table will be displayed in the form.
    • Template - overrides the form's template when viewing the form from this menu link. Leave as "-Use default-" to use the form's defined template.