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Notification form plugin

Nov 6, 2013
Notification form plugin

  • Introduction(top)

    This plugin works in conjunction with the cron notification plug-in. It enables users to subscribe to changes to the current form's record. When the record is updated the user is notified by email via the cron notification plug-in of the changes.

    It will add a 'notify me' checkbox to the form, which the user can check if they wish to be notified of updates to the current record.


    • Mode -Sets how the plug-in behaves
      • User selection - Should the plug-in allow the current user to subscribe to changes in this form's record
      • Trigger- Should a group of users be notified based on values in the form's data.

    User selection: Notification options (top)

    • Ajax subscribe - Applies when mode is set to 'user selection'. If set to yes then the user is subscribed via ajax as soon as they click the notifiy me checkbox. If no then the user is subscribed when the form is submitted.

    Trigger Mode: Notification Options (top)


    • Trigger element - The element whose value will be check to see if a notification is created
    • Trigger value - The trigger element's value to match to determine if a notification is created
    • Notify group - Which user group should recieve the notification messages
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