1. Fabrik 3.5.2 is now available to download. Read the blog for highlights about this release.

    As always, please back up your site prior to updating and if possible test in a dev environment first.

    Also, our 3.5.1 package file was hacked, the effected dates were 1/15/2017 - 1/17/2017. If during those days you downloaded the 3.5.1 package file from the JED or our site download page, please re-install the package with a fresh copy or upgrade to Fabrik 3.5.2. Github downloads were not effected.

SMS form plugin

Jan 20, 2015
SMS form plugin

  • Introduction(top)

    The SMS plugin allows you to send an SMS when a form is submitted



    • Gateway- The gateway service to use when sending the SMS
    • Username - The gateway username
    • Password - The gateway password
    • Receivers mobile number - comma separated numbers to send to more than one phone"
    • Senders mobile number - The mobile number that the sms will come from"
    • Message - the message you would like to send. Can use {placeholders}. If left blank all the form's data is sent. (since 20/01/2015)
    In fabrik 3+, gateways are found in plugin/fabrik_form/sms/gateway .They are simple classes that should have the same name as their file name.

    To use twillio please install the Twillio Joomla library

    Sending from other countries?(top)

    Currently we support sending from UK, USA and Canada, if do not live in these countries and need a solution please contact us for a quote on researching SMS providers in your country and implementing a gateway for the provider.
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