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Redirect form plugin

Sep 1, 2014
Redirect form plugin

  • Introduction(top)

    The redirect plug-in allows you to decide where the browser should be redirected to at the end of the form submission.

    If no redirect plug-in is entered then the form will automatically redirect itself to the previous page.

    The redirect plug-in is always the form's last plug-in to be run, regardless of its order in the form's plugins section



    Module/Content plug-in redirect options (top)

    Options :
    • Jump page - The URL to redirect to once the form has successfully been submitted. The jump page can use placeholders. Of particular relavance are the placeholders:
      Code (Text):
      which will redirect the browser to the page loaded prior to the form.
      Code (Text):
      will redirect to the same page
    • Append jump url with data - If yes selected the the form's data is appended to the jump page url
    • Submission message - Text to display. Use placeholders to display data collected by the form.
      • If your jump page option is left empty then this text is shown on its own page, in a popup message.
      • If your jump page points to a URL on your site then the thanks message appears as a system message.
      • If your jump page points to a URL outside of your site then the thanks message is ignored.
    • Use as search data - If 'yes' selected then the form's data is used for filtering the form's tables data.
    • Condition - PHP code which should return true or false. If it returns false then the redirect is not applied. Place holders can be used, so a simple example of a condition might be:
    • PHP:
      return (int) '{tablename___elementname}' === 1;
    The following options apply ONLY when redirecting from a content plug-in or module :

    • Context reset- Should the form be reset to a blank new entry when the redirect occurs
      • Context redirect - How should the redirect be handled:
      • Same page - the current page is reloaded with the redirect URL
      • New page - the redirect page is loaded in a new page/tab
    • Popup - the redirect page is loaded in a pop up window.
    If the context redirect is set to be 'popup' then the following options set the popup windows location and properties :
    • Popup Width - the popup window width
    • Popup Height - the popup window height
    • Popup X Offset - the popup window X offset
    • Popup Y Offset - the popup window Y offset
    • Popup Title - the pop window's title


    Redirecting to a PDF view of the Submitted Record (top)

    Set the jump page URL to :
    Code (Text):
    replace X with your form's id.
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