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Comment form plugin

Jan 20, 2021
Comment form plugin
  • The comment plugin allow you to add various commenting systems to the bottom of your form and/or details view.

    • Discus subdomain - Sign up for a Disqus account @ http://disqus.com. Once you have done so, add a site to your discus account. Then in this field you should enter the (sub)domain that you assigned to the discus site.
    • Intense debate code - Sign up for an Intense debate code @ http://intensedebate.com. Then add your site to your intense debate account. You should find your site code in the site's 'settings' -> 'account' section, then click on 'view site key'

    J Comments options (top)

    The following options are only applicable if you set the comment type option to 'JComment'

    • Notify - Send a notification email of new comments to a user who created the record. You have to select 'Yes' here if you want to enable use of the 'Thread title' bellow.
    • Thread title - Set a comment title. The title is used in emails and in the JComments Latest module. The title helps to identify records users have been commenting. You can use placeholders in the thread title, like:
      Code (Text):
      Photo {my_photodb___photonumber}

    Local commenting options (top)

    The following options are only applicable if you set the comment type option to 'local commenting'
    • Lock comments element - Select an element whose value, if set to 1 will disable addition of comments
    • Allow rating - Allow comment ratings, adds a 5 star widget to each comment
    • Notify admins - Notify all admins that a new comment has been added. If cron notification plugin installed then it is used, otherwise immediately sends out a notification email
    • Allow anonymous - Allow users to comment, but give them a choice if they want their name to appear next to the comment
    • Notify users on new comment - Notify all people who have posted on the thread that a new comment has been added
    • Use notification cron plugin - If you have the notification cron plugin installed you can set anyone assigning a comment to either not receive notifications, to be given the choice if they want to receive notifications or to automatically receive them
    • Show comment count in title - Decide if the comment count should be shown in before the comments main title
    • Digg comments - Can users 'like' comments. Requires the digg element plug-in to be installed - DEPRECATED
    Note that users who have 'delete' access in the core Permissions options for Fabrik (in the global options) will be able to delete and edit all comments.
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