1. Fabrik 3.9 has been released. If you have updated Joomla to 3.9, this is a required update.
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  2. If you update to Joomla 3.9.16, you will have to update Fabrik from the latest GitHub version, to fix a bug introduced in Joomla, which makes it impossible to list front end folder locations in backend JForms. This affects things like template selection.
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REST form plugin

May 27, 2013
REST form plugin
  • The REST plugin will submit your form's data to a REST endpoint URL. Rest endpoint URL's are provided by third party sites via their API's to enable you to interact with their service. In the case of this plug-in we would be adding records into the 3rd party's site, the records would consist of data found in the Fabrik form being submitted.

    The plug-in will send a CURL request to the end point url, the accompanying data is sent as XML.


    • Username - If the 3rd party site requires authentication then enter your username here
    • Password - If the 3rd party site requires authentication then enter your password here
    • Endpoint URL - The 3rd party's API URL to post the form's data to
    • Parent node name - The encapsulating XML node name for the data. This normally describes what type of data is being posted, e.g. 'ticket'
    • Data - A comma separated list of element names, which will be posted to the end point url. Can use {placeholders}
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