1. Fabrik 3.8.1 has been released. It is mostly bug fixes and feature enhancements, but does include two new plugins (push notifications, and the sequence element). As usual we strongly recommend testing the new release on a sandbox if your application is mission critical, and always do an Akeeba backup before updating.
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Upsert form plugin

May 2, 2015
Upsert form plugin

  • Introduction(top)

    The upsert plugin allows you to insert or update a record in a database table other than the form's current table.



    First we want to select which list it is we will be updating:

    • Connection - the fabrik connection
    • List - the fabrik list
    Then we need to state that list's primary key

    • Primary key - the lists primay key
    • Row value - The value for the Primary key element. Leave blank to insert a new row. Can use {placeholders}
    • Values - press this to select how the current form's values are mapped into the update / insert. This opens the following window:

    • Key - the upsert list's field
    • Value - the value to update/insert into the upsert list. This can be a string or a placeholder. In the example above we are inserting the raw data from the current form's street and name elements into the upsert lists city and name fields.
    • Default - If nothing selected for the value or a placeholder returns an empty value, then use this.
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