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FTP form plugin

Nov 13, 2013
FTP form plugin

  • Introducton(top)

    Create a document from a form submission and ftp it to a specified server


    • Host - Hostname or IP of server to ftp to. Do not prepend ftp://. May use placeholders.
    • Port - FTP port, leave blank for default (21). May use placeholders.
    • Directory - Directory to chdir to after login. May use placeholders
    • Username - Username to login as. May use placeholders.
    • Password - Password to login with. May use placeholders.
    • Template - Templates can be created in ./plugins/fabrik_form/ftp/tmpl either as php or html files. If none selected a default plain text template will be used. HTML files use placeholders
    • Article Template - Select a Joomla article to use as your template, in addition or instead of the PHP/HTML template. Placeholders e.g. {tablename___elementname} will be replaced with the forms data. If selected instead of a PHP/HTML template then the content of the article will be used. If selected as well as a PHP/HTML template then the content of this article will be available in the template by using the placeholder {content}
    • Filename - Filename to use for storing the file on the remote server as. Can be plain text, or evaluated as a PHP expression. Can use placeholders. If left blank, filename will be generated with the format fabrik_ftp_XXXXXX.txt, where XXXXX is a long MD5 generated string.
    • Eval Filename - Should the content of filename be evaluated as a PHP statement.

    • Condition - If set then PHP code should be supplied returning either true (the plugin should run) or false (the plugin is not run)
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