Button element

Dec 10, 2013
Button element

  • Introduction(top)

    Creates a html <button>

    The button text is derived from the label setting, and javascript actions can be added from within the Javascript tab.

    Note that a submit button is automatically added to the form, so creating an element to do the same function is not required.


    • Bootstrap class - Button class to assign.
    • Bootstrap icon - E.g. 'icon-user'. Places a bootstrap icon inside the button

    Bootstrap icons(top)

    Bootstrap reference (http://getbootstrap.com/components/) shows icons, but they are not all included in Joomla Bootstrap.
    Glyphicons are built from a simple png-file, while Icomoon is a font. This means that Icomoon icons are scalable and will always look good, while the Glyphicons will look bad when made bigger.
    Icomoon will look better on high pixel density smartphones displays.

    Examples (top)

    Link to URL. Add a Javascript event on 'click', which does

    Code (Javascript):

    window.location.href = 'your.url';

    Another example from Hugh(top)

    From this forum post. To get a URL from another element called some_element and open it in a new window.
    Code (Javascript):

    var url = form_123.formElements.get('yourtable___some_element').getValue();
    Or to open it in the same window.
    Code (Javascript):


    For Fabrik 3.1 this would be(top)

    Code (Javascript):

    var url =Fabrik.getBlock('form_123').formElements.get('yourtable___some_element').getValue();
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