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Lockrow Element Plugin

Apr 16, 2020
Lockrow Element Plugin
  • The Lockrow Element Plugin can be used to lock list rows while somebody is editing the row. Depending on the options the row will be unlocked when submitted, will be unlocked for a period of time if submission is not performed.

    • While there is a Default field in the settings, it is not used at this time.


    • Lock TTL:
      • Time to Live, in minutes. This setting is used if a user edits a record but never submits it. If a record is locked because it is being edited and not submitted, it will remain locked for this period of time at which point it will be unlocked. This is useful is the user edits a row, but never submits the form. If "Allow User Unlock" is enabled (see below) the record can also be unlocked by clicking on the lock icon in the list view.
      • There is no provision for 'infinite lock.'
    • Allow User Unlock:
      • Yes: The user who created the lock (by editing the row) can unlock the record by clicking on the lock icon in the list view.
      • No: The record will remain locked till TTL expires.
    • Allow Re-Edit: Allow the lock owner of a locked record to edit the record.
      • Yes: Means a user can open multiple forms to edit the same record, and can submit any or all of them (potentially overwriting changes), subject to the TTL's
      • Exclusive: Means that the user can open a second or subsequent form on the same record, but only the last one opened can be submitted.
      • No: Means that if a user ha a lock on the row, they will not be able to open it for editing, they will have to first unlock it (either by submitting an open form, unlocking in list view or waiting for TTL to expire).
    • Show Icon if Read Only:
      • Yes: If the row is not editable show the Lock Icon
      • No: Don't show the lock icon.
    • Locked Icon: Name of the icon used for locked. If blank it defaults to "lock" which is a locked padlock
    • Unlocked Icon: Name of the icon used for unlocked. If blank it defaults to "unlock" which is an open padlock.
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