1. Fabrik 3.8.1 has been released. It is mostly bug fixes and feature enhancements, but does include two new plugins (push notifications, and the sequence element). As usual we strongly recommend testing the new release on a sandbox if your application is mission critical, and always do an Akeeba backup before updating.
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Element default examples

Mar 6, 2016
Element default examples
  • Many elements have both a "default" option and an "eval" option.
    When you turn on "eval", the text entered in the "default" option is treated as PHP.
    The PHP expression is evaluated and the data 'returned' is used as the element's default value.


    return 'a string';
    Using placeholders....

    return '{tablename___elementname}';
    Get a filter value

    return FabrikHelperElement::filterValue(81); //81 is the id of the filter element
    Insert a URL parameter (e.g. to set the default of a non-writable element, which can't be set for security reasons directly via URL)

    $myInput = JFactory::getApplication()->input;
    $myParam = $myInput->get('urlparam','');
    return $myParam;
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