1. If you update to Joomla 3.8.10, please make sure that you either do a full GitHub update of Fabrik, or disable caching for your lists (in the Advanced settings) or turn off Joomla's System Cache setting. A change in Joomla's cache code in 3.8.10 required a fix in Fabrik, which will be rolled in to the next release, but is currently only available in GitHub.

Order Elements in a Group

Jul 1, 2013
Order Elements in a Group
  • A list is comprised of columns that have been defined by creating elements with each element representing a column.

    Elements are added to groups which are then displayed in either list or form view.

    To change the ordering of these columns/elements in an individual group:
    • Go to fabrik > elements
    • Filter by your group name
    • Click on the top of the Ordering column (which may just have arrow-heads)
    • In Joomla 2, re-number according to your needs and then click the 'save' icon.
    • In Joomla 3, drag the rows into the sequence you want them.