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Slider element

Aug 23, 2013
Slider element

  • Settings(top)


    • Default - Enter either a numerical default value which should be in the range of 0 to the specified 'Ma no of steps' or a PHP statement which returns a number in the same range.
    • Eval default - Should the default be evaluated as a php statement



    • Width - the slider width in px
    • Max No. steps the max value for the slider
    • Slider labels a comma separated list of labels that wlll be placed in grey text above the slider to indicate the meaning of the slider value
    • **e.g 'good,average,poor'
    • Show none - adds a x button which when clicked will clear the selected value

    Form view (top)

    A simple example of the slider, using the options shown in the admin settings image


    This example shows 'show none' and the slider labels used

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