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YesNo element

Dec 10, 2013
YesNo element

  • Introduction(top)

    The yes no element is a short cut to the having to manually set up a radio button with a standard 'Yes' or 'No' options (represented as 1 and 0 in the underlying raw table data). It also has the advantage of automatically showing icons for the results in the list view.

    Form example (top)


    List example (top)


    Administration settings (top)

    • Default - should the default selected option be 'yes' or 'no'.
    • Options per row - (Fabrik 3.0 only) The radio button spancing


    Certain Rocket Themes templates override the Bootstrap CSS we use for Yes/No, such that both buttons end up being blue, and don't change on hover / selection. You may need to add something like this to a custom CSS file in your form template:

    Code (Text):

    .fabrikForm label.btn.active.btn-danger {
        background-color: red;
    .fabrikForm label.btn.active.btn-success {
        background-color: green;
    .fabrikForm label.btn:not(.active) {
        background-color: lightgray;
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