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Youtube element

Nov 13, 2013
Youtube element

  • Introduction(top)


    • Width - Player width
    • Default - default video
    • Include related
    • Show border - show border around the video
    • Delayed cookies - If 'Yes', turns off YouTube's ability to set cookies on the computer of a visitor who simply views a web page on which you've embedded a YouTube video. YouTube may still set cookies on the visitor's computer once the visitor clicks on the YouTube video player.
    • Colour 1 - Color used for the shaded borders. HEX colour (e.g. #333333)
    • Colour 2 - Color used for the shaded borders and the control bar. HEX colour (e.g. #000000)
    • Player size
    • Or width - This overrun the setting Player size above. You must also enter a height below
    • And height - This overrun the setting Player size above. You must also enter a width above
    • Display in table
      • Mini: shows a miniature player in the table
      • Display link: display a link depending on the options below
      • Normal: display the normal player at the size you specify above
    • Link - Only used if 'Display link' selected above. Specify the target below
    • Text of the 'Watch Video' link - Lightbox will only work if you use Mootools 1.2 and mediabox (Tables > General Settings)
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