Display text element

Oct 17, 2017
Display text element
  • The Display element is used to display (normally) fixed text and is not related to a field in the database. It simply displays the element label without any associated input field.

    Settings (top)


    Tip: If you need HTML formatted text here then go to tables -> parameters and select 'yes' for the 'Use WYSIWYG editor for element labels' option.
    Options -> Forms -> WYSIWYG editor for element labels -> Yes
    • Eval - evaluate the label as a PHP function. Element default examples
    • Default - The default value to populate the element with. If the eval option is selected then this should contain a PHP statement
    • Show label - Should the form show the label as well as the display text

    Making the text translatable(top)

    To make text that appears in the Display element translatable:
    • enter your translation string into the DEFAULT box
    • Set EVAL to NO
    • enter your translation string and text into the Joomla language overrides area