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Notes element

Nov 13, 2013
Notes element

  • Introduction(top)

    The notes element allows you users to make notes on a form/detailed view page, below is an example of the element when rendered in the form:



    • Default - Default value
    • Eval - should the default be evaluated as a PHP statement

    • Connection - Fabrik connection which contains the desired Table
    • Table - Populate the note list with data from this table
    • Id - This fields values will be used for the lists options' values
    • Label - This fields values will be used for the drop down options' labels
    • Foreign Key - The field in the notes table that will hold a reference to the form's row id/primary key
    • Where - Select a where field to filter the displayed notes. When not choosen AND value field is empty then data is not filtered. When chosen the same as foreign key then filtering condition is automatically that FK equals to current PK
    • Where value or statement - If 'where' field selected AND it's not the same as FK: which value the field must have to filter the displayed notes. Must not have quotes! e.g: value_1 <br />Otherwise: custom statement, e.g: (field_1 = 'value1' AND field_2 = 'value2') OR field_3 = 'value3'
    • Order by - An optional field to order the notes by
    • Order direction - In which direction the notes should be ordered
    • User - An optional field which will store the user id
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